Zagreb has everything you need for any style of cooking at home or dining out. You’re sure
to find your own favorites, but here are a few spots whose names you’ll likely hear:

Pivnica Medvedgrad: Tkalčićeva 36 (Croatian meals)
Nocturno: Skalinska 4 (Italian)
Boban: Gajeva 9 (Italian)
Pizzeria Dvojka: Nova Ves 2 (Italian)
Good Food: Nikole Tesle 7 (salads/sandwiches)
Burgeraj: Preradovićeva 13 (fast food)
Pingvin: Nikole Tesle 7 (sandwich bar, 24/24)
Ribice i tri točkice: Preradovićeva 7/1 (seafood)
Vinodol: Teslina 10 (croatian)
Nishta and California Burrito: Masarykova 11/1 (vegetarian, mexican)
Zrno bio bistro: Medulićeva 20 (vegetarian)
Restaurant Mr. Chen – Asian World: Ulica grada Vukovara 269D (Chinese)
Takenoko sushi bar: Nova Ves 17 (Japanese)
Opium: Branimirova 29 (Thai)
Ali Ke Baba: Martićeva 72 (kebab)
Mex Cantina: Savska Cesta 154 (Mexican)
Batak grill: Vlaška 115 (Croatian)
La Struk: Skalinska 5 (Croatian)
Cušpajz: Gajeva 9 (Croatian)
Capuciner grill & steak: Kaptol 6
Fine torte: Vlaška 31 (dessert, coffee shop)
Vincek: Kvaternikov trg bb (dessert, coffee shop)

And more on web


STUDENT RESTAURANTS so called “kantinas” or “mensas” (the student dining halls)

Meals, cafe, refreshments and cakes at affordable prices are served in student restaurants and cafeterias run by the Student Centre University of Zagreb. Services and offerings may vary in over 20 restaurants at various locations in the city, one of which is found at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The biggest student restaurant is located in the Student Centre, Savska 25. At the time of publication, the kantina discount prices are available to students who have a Croatian nationality, as being subsidized by Croatian ministry of science. These discount dining facilities will hopefully become available to all students of the faculty in the near future. Until then, you will have to pay a full price for meals at student restaurants; a complete meal will cost you approx. 20 HRK.


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