You will need the internet to stay informed about courses and faculty events and to register (or cancel) your exam dates. Most lectures & seminars are also available online. There are computers avaialable in the Central library (the main floor of the administration building). To log-in to the computers at the faculty, you will need a log-in name and a password, both of which you’ll receive during your first few weeks of stay.



If you need the net while off-faculty, here are a few easy-to-find spots:
Caffe bar Benston and Sedmica, Planinska 7
Plaza Bar, Nemčićeva 7
Kim’s Coffee, Petrova 21
Booksa, Martićeva 14d
Caffe Leone, Kvaternikov trg 11
Caffe bar Giardini, Heinzelova 8
VIP internet café, Trg Petra Preradovića 5
Internet Corner (VIP online), Miramarska 36
ART Internet caffee, Tkalčićeva 18
Ergonet Internet Center, Badalićeva 26
Aquarius Net, Kralja Držislava 4
Iskon internet – KIC, Preradovićeva 5
SubLink, Teslina 12



If you don’t already, you will find your mobile phone to be indispensible while in school. You can get a Croatian SIM card from any service provider at the nearest newsstand where you can also add credit in a ‘pre-pay’ fashion to your SIM. Any phone or internet service which you’d like to have at home will likely need to be in your landlord’s name. Many of them offer a wi-fi connection in  their flats.




For those of you already familiar with the European phone system, this section may have little to offer. If not, there are a few things to know about making calls in Croatia. Firstly, whether you’re dialing to or from a land-line or a mobile will affect how you dial.

Country Code for Croatia: 385; Zagreb City Code: (0)1

Calling a Zagreb Landline (e.g. +385 1 23 90 111)
From another ZG-Landline: no prefix (23 90 111)
From a Croatian mobile: prefix (01 23 90 111)
From landline outside of Zagreb: prefix (01 23 90 111)
From any phone outside of the country: state and city prefix (+385 1 23 90 111)

Calling a Zagreb Mobile (e.g. +385 91 23 90 111)
*each mobile carrier has a specific 3-digit code (e.g. 091, 092, 095, 098, 099)
From a ZAG-Landline: mobile code (091 23 90 111)
From a Croatian mobile on the same carrier: mobile code (091 23 90 111)
From a Croatian mobile, different carrier: mobile code (091 23 90 111)
From any phone outside of the country: state and mobile code (+385 91 23 90 111)

Calling from a pay-phone
You will need a T-com phone car din order to make calls from a pay-phone. These cards are
usually available in 15 and 50 kuna denominations at any newsagent.


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