Please ensure that you have enclosed:

  1. A completed Application Form, available at the VEFUNIZG administration office or on the following link:, with a proof of payment of the Application Fee in the amount of 50 EUR (non-refundable) paid to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb payable directly to our account, not by a cheque;
    Bank details: Watt No: HR36389528408, Name of Bank: Zagrebačka banka, Address of Bank: Zagreb, Savska cesta 60, Swift Code: ZABAHR2X, IBAN: HR1723600001101354554;
  2. Certificate of citizenship (for Croatian citizens) or a passport photocopy (for foreign nationals);
  3. Birth certificate;
  4. Two photographs 4×6 cm (not older than six months);
  5. originals or certified copies of their Secondary School Certificates (Degree Certificates for all the years of secondary school with subjects and grades) and the Final/Leaving Secondary School Certificate of education with official transcript of grades. Documents written in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian language are acceptable, with no need for translation to Croatian language.
    Those who are in the last year of their secondary school studies by the application deadline can also apply, but only with the obligation to produce their certifications before registration to the University.
    Applicants who have completed their prior education abroad are required to submit the decision on recognition of foreign qualification before admission; more information on: (can be obtained during the process);
  6. Certificates of higher courses or degrees (college/university), if any;
  7. Proof of knowledge of English language (one of the following: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)), unless prior education was in English language. Certificates issued by (foreign) language schools are also accepted, as well as certificates of English language proficiency issued by a secondary school a candidate attended.
  8. CV and a Motivation letter explaining the reasons to choose the Veterinary Medicine program and the choice of Faculty in Zagreb;
  9. Certificate(s) proving their “hands-on” experience by working with veterinarians in the veterinary field (experience from the veterinary practices, farms, ranches, animals shelters, zoos, and/or other are welcome), if any;
  10. Medical certificate of general health status and psychophysical ability to study Veterinary Medicine issued by a general practitioner;



Additional documentation verifying passed tests prior to enrolment:

  • candidates who completed at least four years of secondary education abroad, with the state graduation result expressed in percentage based on which candidates are ranked in the home country: certificate of passed exams (grade transcript) and proof of grade point average;
  • candidates completed at least four years of secondary education abroad, and have passed the SAT Reasoning Test, the results of which are used for the purpose of ranking: SAT Reasoning Test score;
  • candidates who completed at least four years of secondary education in Croatia, where their final examinations results are recognized as the results of the final state exam: state graduation result expressed as a percentage based on which they are ranked in the home country.
  • candidates who completed at least four years of secondary education abroad with none of the additional requirements listed above: certificate on passed exams (grade transcript) and a certificate of grade point average (GPA).
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