Located 17 km out of town, Zagreb Airport is smallwhat makes the airport easily to get around. It is the main international airport in the country with domestic and international arrivals and  departures areas located at the ground floor. A major construction project is currently underway to build a second runway, a second terminal “Dr. Franjo Tuđman” and luxury on-site hotel at  Zagreb International Airport. The new terminal is scheduled to open in 2016.

There are buses that run between Zagreb Airport and the Central Bus Station. If coming by tram cross over to the bus station side, and turn right. Walk north (towards the railway line) to the end    of the bus station, with the shops on your left. The very end part of the labelled building, that’s the part you want. Walk through the ticket office and out to where the bus goes from. Buses leave every 30 minutes. Pay the driver on boarding (30 HRK or 5 EUR one-way), the journey time is around 30 minutes. Buses leave according to flight schedule from outside the international arrival area. Wireless internet is available througout the airport. First 15 minutes are free, after that you have to buy vouchers. The area before check in stays open 24h with two coffee shops, newsstand and a little shop. On the first floor, there is a space with comfortable deck chairs.

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