VEFUNIZGHR is the main educational & research institution in the field of veterinary medicine in Croatia. We offer access to a special site for demonstration if needed, laboratories that include various analytical equipment (PCR, REAL TIME PCR), equipment for comparative tumour analysis, post-genomic technology, biomarkers identification in overall OMICS area. Also 100 hectares of forest/pastures/agricultural land for testing facilities and agroforestry interventions, room for keeping large farm animals (horses, cows, sheep, goats) at the premises of Faculty of Veterinary medicine. Expertize in wildlife research and project management (large carnivores, exotic species, dolphin, whales and turtles), conservation of biodiversity.

Interested in projects of agroforestry, sustainable animal production, low input systems, biodiversity, climate change risks mitigation.

If you need a partner, farms or pilots please contact:

  1. Ongoing projects
  2. Finished projects
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