Doctoral Studies


The realm: biomedicine and health, the field: veterinary medicine

Responsible bodies: The Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb

Associate Institution:  The Croatian Veterinary Institute

The doctoral study programme at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb on a national level provides post-graduate doctoral education of doctors of veterinary medicine (dr. med. vet.).

The post-graduate doctoral course in veterinary sciences is the highest level of education on the scale of veterinary education, and has been formed according to the principles of the Bologna Declaration, along the lines of contemporary doctoral study courses at western European universities. In the effort to achieve the highest possible level of excellence, the doctoral (PhD) course emphasises methodological, theoretical and practical knowledge, and the processes of scientific development. The final goal of the course is to create and develop autonomous research capacities, which are a necessary foundation for the students on the course in forming their own future academic careers or careers in the business world.

The education of students is planned within the realization of scientific project programmes, headed up by teaching staff and scientists at the Faculty.

Cooperation in research in international projects is established with scientists from abroad, or through institutional cooperation on the basis of bilateral agreements signed between the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb and veterinary colleges in Vienna, Budapest, Brno, Košice, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Wroclaw. A special form of cooperation has been established with the Veterinary University in Vienna, where many employees of the Faculty have spent time in training. In implementation of the study programme three scientific research institutions are involved, and scientists connected to a large number of national and foreign institutions are involved as mentors to doctorands (PhD students). As support to PhD students for travel abroad during their post-graduate course, the University of Zagreb and the Veterinary Faculty are included in a number of student exchange programmes, such as ERASMUS+ and CEEPUS.

The new course is marked by student mobility in terms of their selection of subjects, in line with the subject of their doctoral thesis. As well as this internal mobility, students are able to accumulate a certain number of ECTS points by taking the necessary classes at some other veterinary college, or a faculty within the University of Zagreb.

Upon completion of their studies, students will be competent to participate in work on scientific projects, follow scientific literature in the appropriate field, write scientific papers, communicate with the scientific community around the world, propose or participate in proposals for new scientific projects, participate in the university scientific teaching process etc. They will be prepared for further post-doctoral training at scientific research institutions around the world, and able to be involved in the work of public and private research institutes.

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