Academic Choir “Ab Ovo”

Choir Directors:
prof. dr. sc. Nina Poljičak Milas
prof. dr. sc. Kristina Matković
Choir Administrator:
Mr. sc. Radmila Raguž-Đurić
Musical Director:
mo. Josip degl’Ivellio.

The veterinarians’ choir was founded again on 14th February 2011 after a break of twenty years.  Over two years we grew into a choir of about forty members, mainly students of the Veterinary Faculty and active and retired staff, but also friends who love music and want to sing.  The string and wind quartet that accompanied us from the very beginning of our work also grew in the meantime into a real orchestra and was accordingly given a new name:  The Academic Orchestra of the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb.  In the 2012/2013 academic year we changed the name of the choir to the Academic Choir of the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb – “Ab ovo”, and the direction of the choir was taken on by Maestro Josip degl’Ivellio.

We hope that the VFZ Academic Choir- “Ab ovo”, together with the VFZ Academic Orchestra, will continue its successful work in the promotion of our Faculty and profession, and we invite everyone to join us, to help fulfil our wishes, but above all to enjoy singing, playing, reciting, painting, socializing and friendship with us.

Singers, musicians, and music lovers, join the Veterinarians’ Choir!


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