International cooperation

International cooperation is an important factor which guarantees and improves the quality of programmes of higher education. Therefore, one of the goals of the Veterinary Faculty is to establish and intensify precisely this form of cooperation with veterinary and other related faculties and universities in other countries.  This involves cooperation in higher education and scientific research, based on mutual agreements signed for the purpose of internationalizing education and the quality and effective education of staff.  Since veterinary medicine is a biomedical science, which has been developing very rapidly over recent decades, it is extremely important to keep pace with that development and participate in it.  Through international cooperation activities, we promote exchanges of students, and teaching and non-teaching staff, which make it possible to share knowledge and experience, work on joint projects and subjects, with the effective transfer of results of research between institutions of higher education, organize summer schools and courses jointly, and other forms of cooperation aimed at advancing educational programmes and the science.

This primarily takes place within VetNEST, an association of European institutions of higher education for the education of doctors of veterinary medicine, whose main aim is precisely to promote exchanges of students and teaching staff between member countries.  Apart from VetNEST, exchanges of students and teaching staff and joint projects also take place through CEEPUS, Erasmus+, AUF (Agence universitaire de la Francophonie) and other programmes and scholarships.

All these activities are coordinated by the Office for International Cooperation at the Veterinary Faculty, which is located on the first floor of the main building.

Records of international cooperation on the University of Zagreb web site:

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