Studentski zbor

The Students’ Council of the University of Zagreb is the main representative body of students whose members are students of the University of Zagreb elected at elections for the Students’ Council of the University of Zagreb.  It is a non-political, non-party, not-for-profit, and non-governmental organization, and is completely autonomous in its activities.

The SCUZ deals with issues related to student accommodation, food, culture, sport and all the problems students encounter during their education.  The SCUZ represents students, promoting and protecting their interests in the system of higher education, that is, on the boards and bodies of the University (the Senate, committees, commissions etc.), in university institutions such as the Student Centre and Srce (the University Computing Centre).  As part of the Croatian Students’ Council (CSC), of which it is a member, it indirectly protects the interests of all Croatian students on a national and international level, and in particular its membership of the ESU (European Students’ Union) MedNet (Mediterranean Network of Student Representatives) should be mentioned. In order to protect students’ rights, the SCUZ appoints a student ombudsperson at the University of Zagreb, who has the right to discuss students’ complaints with the relevant bodies, and advise students on how to exercise their rights.  The students’ ombudsperson of the University works closely with all student ombudsmen at individual faculties and academies within the University.  Each year, on the basis of its legal obligation, the SCUZ publishes and conducts a public call for applications for financing of student programmes run by student organizations or individual students at the University of Zagreb.  The decision on allocation of funds is rendered by the Senate of the University of Zagreb each year following a proposal by the SCUZ, and all information about the call for applications is published on the web site of the Students’ Council. A subsidiary of the Students’ Council operates at the Veterinary Faculty, that is,  the Students’ Council of the Veterinary Faculty.  It consists of 22 members: 14 students from the integrated under-graduate and graduate course, and 8 students from the post-graduate course in veterinary medicine, elected in elections for the 2016/2017 academic year.  At the moment the president of the Students’ Council at the Veterinary Faculty is Jurica Horvat, a sixth year student of veterinary medicine.  The aim of the Students’ Council is to represent the interests of all students at the Veterinary Faculty, and also to participate in the work of the Faculty Council of the Veterinary Faculty.  The president of the Council is also a member of the Students’ Council of the University of Zagreb, and participates in the sessions of the Students’ Council of the University of Zagreb, where he represents the interests of our students.