Faculty Council

From the The Statute of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:

The Organization and Authorities of the Faculty Council

Article 39

(1) The Faculty Council is the professional council of the Faculty.

(2) At the beginning of each session of the Faculty Council, if there has been any change in the number of members, a new convocation of the Faculty Council shall be conducted.

(3) The members of the Faculty Council are:

  1. all employees holding scientific-teaching, teaching and scientific titles in permanent employment relationships at the Faculty
  2. twenty representatives of employees holding associate or professional titles, five from each division referred to in Article 12 of this Statute, who elect from amongst themselves employees with these titles from the relevant division, except those who are financed from projects of limited duration or financed by the organizational unit’s own revenue.
  3. the number of representatives of students at the Faculty amounting to 15% of the total number of members of the Faculty Council.
  4. the head of the library
  5. one representative of the other employees.

(4) The members of the Faculty Council referred to in points 2, 3, and 5 of paragraph 3 of this  Article shall have deputies elected by their elective units.

(5) The term of office of members of the Faculty Council referred to in point 2, paragraph 2, and 5 of this Article is three years. If a member’s term of office ends before the time limit for which they were elected, the elected deputy shall take over their duty until the end of the term of office, with the obligatory election of a new deputy.

(6) The manner of election and duration of the term of office of student representatives and their deputies on the Faculty Council is prescribed by the Act on the Student Council and other Student Organizations.

(7) The election of representatives of employees is regulated by separate regulations.


Article 40

The Faculty Council:

  1. elects and dismisses the Dean
  2. elects and dismisses the Vice-Deans
  3. adopts the Faculty’s development strategy
  4. adopts proposals for the Faculty’s Statute;
  5. adopts study programmes;
  6. accepts curricula and plans for implementation
  7. decides on specific issues of interests for students
  8. adopts the Faculty budget
  9. adopts the final balance sheet of the Faculty and the Dean’s annual report;
  10. appoints permanent committees
  11. adopts the Faculty’s implementation regulations
  12. elects members to the Senate and Council for the University
  13. proposes regulations on the internal organization and systematization of employment positions;
  14. decides on publishing calls for candidates for teaching staff and associate positions
  15. proposes and/or selects teachers and associates for award of the appropriate scientific-teaching, teaching and associate titles and employment positions;
  16. conducts the procedure for award of scientific titles
  17. appoints mentors to assistants and post-doctorands;
  18. appoints mentors to Doctoral students
  19. decides on other issues related to teaching, science, the profession, students and publishing;
  20. takes care of and renders decisions to ensure the quality of the Faculty’s activities;
  21. decides on appeals against decisions by permanent and occasional committees of the Faculty Council:
  22. discusses other questions of special interest to the Faculty
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