Important documents

External practical training

External practical training work log

Instruction for students

Orientation data

Field Service Clinic

Field Service Clinic work log

Night duties at Clinics of the Veterinary faculty University of Zagreb

Protocol for students during Night Duties at Clinics of the Veterinary Faculty University of Zagreb

Student Log Night shifts on Clinics


Biosecurity manual FVMUZ 2021

Statement for students sample

Biological and chemical hazards Version 1

Various Documents

Introductory lecture first year

Professor Emeritus

Regulation on organisation and systematization of employment position_2019_EN

Regulation on Quality Assurance VEFUNIZG 2019

Regulations on disciplinary responsibility of students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Regulations on postgraduate specialist studies

Regulations on the ambulatory clinic

Regulations on university instructional literature and publishing activity

Rules of procedure on the work of working bodies

Sabbatical leave regulations


Regulations of Doctoral studies Veterinary Sciences 2021


Instructions for writing a Master’s Thesis

DVM_01_Application for Approval of the Proposed Subject and Mentor of a Master s Thesis-EN

DVM_02_Decision on Approval (Rejection) of the Proposed Subject and Mentor of a Master s

DVM_03_Decision to Accept a Master s Thesis and Members of the Committee for Defence -EN

DVM_04_Application to Change the Subject andor Mentor of a Master’s Thesis-EN

DVM_05_Decision on Approval of the Change of Subject andor Mentor for a Master s Thes-EN

DVM_06_Request for Recognition of an Equivalent for a Scientific Master’s Thesis-EN

DVM_07_Request for Recognition of the Equivalent of a Scientific Master’s Thesis-EN

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