The Vet Society

Outside of our hard work and commitment to their veterinary education, the students of the Veterinary Medicine studies in English have been delighted to enjoy the work of some of the student organisations within the faculty, such as the IVSA, the sports club and the choir. Seeing the positive impact that these groups have on the faculty and its students, both from the Croatian and the English studies, inspired us to explore the possibility of creating a new student organisation. After considerable planning and cooperation from students who related to this idea, we were able to develop the initial goals of the group and put in place the foundations for our contribution to the faculty.

Our founding members were those from the first and second generation of Veterinary Studies in English and our initial aims were to use this group to promote social integration and information sharing, as well as putting together small but significant projects for the improvement of every day student life. As international students in Zagreb, one factor towards making our decision to live here was the opportunity to explore a new part of the world. This has had such a positive impact on us that we would like to offer a similar experience to the local students, by sharing parts of our culture and customs through this organisation.

Over the past year, the Vet Society has been very busy taking part in and hosting events enabling domestic and international students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to become more interlinked. In December 2018 we were excited to introduce our new society through our ‘International Christmas Bake Sale’. We used this event to offer a taste of traditional baking from all around the world, giving the opportunity to try foreign foods and highlighting the pleasure that can be gained from learning about different cultures and traditions. The Bake Sale proved to be a great success and it was highly rewarding to see the enjoyment of students and staff after the amount of hard work and organisation of the society members.

Aside from hosting our own events such as the bake sale, an important aim of our society is to contribute to the community of the Faculty. As a result, during the ‘Night of the Museum’ on the 1st of February 2019, we were present in the student room and Anatomy student room. The theme was ‘Inventions and Digitalisation’ and it was a great opportunity for us to show the progress we had made on the renovations in the Anatomy student room which at the time was steadily ongoing and is now complete. Since the official opening ceremony on the 5th of April 2019 we took pleasure in seeing students utilising the results of the hard work of our members. We conducted a survey to allow students to express their views on the renovations and were delighted to showcase all the positive feedback at the 10th meeting of Young Generation of Veterinary Anatomists in Bucharest, Romania.

In the last academic year, we have been very grateful to organise presentations of Erasmus+ experiences for English speaking students. To be able to listen to the insights of their colleagues was something that students really enjoyed. Furthermore, we look forward to arranging more presentations of this kind in the future.

We are proud to introduce and extend a warm invitation to all members of the Veterinary Faculty to be a part of our international students’ society – The Vet Society!

If anyone wishes to get involved with our organisation or our projects, please contact us through–


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