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The Office for Career Development and Academic and Psychological Counselling at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb, is the central place providing students with support during and for up to two years after the end of their studies, relating to information, counselling, communication with the Student Service, additional forms of education, support for more effective studying, student/employer networks, psychological counselling and other forms of support related to development of students’ careers and personal skills.

Through job offers, additional education, counselling, practical experience and new contacts, we seek to ease students’ transition from the Faculty to the work environment, and make it possible for newly graduated doctors of veterinary medicine to make an active contribution to the working environment in their new employment from the very beginning, with a shorter learning period.

The Office for Career Development and Academic and Psychological Counselling supports  the careers of all our students, and it is the basic point of contact between students, the Faculty and employers. We are available from the time a person starts thinking about studying, as the main point of information for future students, and then later as support during enrolment.

While students are studying at the Faculty, our office has an advisory role in all the areas students need: assistance and support in learning, professional psychological support, organization of supplementary and additional classes, planning and provision of practical professional experience, career counselling, advice relating to further academic development, and assistance in seeking employment.

Activities aimed at achieving the goals of the Office for Career Development and Academic and Psychological Counselling are aligned with the situation on the job market and the development of technology.

  • Call when in need, +385 99 2274 348, Iva Lehunšek Panić, prof. pedagog., 9AM – 4PM
  • student counselling
  • academic counselling
  • psychological counselling
  • workshops and training
  • student practice
  • project-oriented classes in cooperation with industry
  • student/employer networks
  • student entrepreneurship
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Everyone needs support and help sometimes, especially during the challenging time of going to vet school. Sometimes it’s just too much, and it’s definitely good to talk to someone from time to time. Now there’s someone here for you! We have a telephone number for students (and all other employees!) that you can use. We are…

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Self-regulation and Self-regulated learning

Self-regulation and Self-regulated learning

If you sometimes feel that your time is leaking uncontrollably and that you are not able to fulfill all your obligations, now is the time to know what’s self-regulation and how to successfully apply learning self-regulation and its models.

The Office for Career Development and Academic and Psychological Counselling  of the VF prepares students to compete successfully on the national and world employment markets after completing their studies, and provides support to organizations in selection of new employees.


  • Networking of target groups – students, employers and alumni
  • Creating a data base of students and employers
  • Education for students relating to the job market and employment
  • Developing career management skills
  • Provision of support to students through counselling and guidance
  • Organization of presentations related to career development for students
  • Creating initial contacts with employers, and arranging the content of practical work and projects
  • Maintaining contact with the alumni community and arranging various forms of cooperation
  • Mediation in employment
  • Individual and group career counselling
  • Providing information on opportunities for further education
  • Providing references for students
  • Organizing Career Day, panel discussions on careers, networking
  • Publicizing national and international opportunities for students
  • Providing important information on calls for candidates and scholarships
  • Passing on employers’ job offers to students
  • Providing partnership in establishing student enterprises based on creative ideas
  • Organizing themed workshops by foreign lecturers or post-graduate and PhD students

The Office for Career Development and Academic and Psychological Counselling of the Veterinary Faculty takes systematic care of students’ mental health and provides on-going support for effective studying.


  • On-going monitoring of study achievements
  • Assistance and support in mastering self-regulation and study planning
  • Work for developing creative strategies and learning techniques
  • Developing life-long learning strategies
  • Counselling support for more successful studying (organization of time, stress management, structuring work processes, decision-making, self-assessment of capacity and limitations, self-presentation, self-monitoring and self-evaluation).
  • Help and support in developing social and emotional skills
  • Professional orientation (identification of goals, possibilities, interests, values and skills)
  • Educational workshops in communication and presentation skills (verbal and non-verbal communication, writing a CV, applications, motivational letters, reports on previous professional and scientific work, simulated interviews and job interviews, learning about the process of testing for employment, communication by e-mail, using electronic media and communication on social media etc.)
  • Psychological support in resolving various personal challenges

prof. dr. sc. Andrea Gudan Kurilj

redovita profesorica, DECVP
Andrea Gudan Kurilj

prof. pedagog. Iva Lehunšek Panić

Ured za studente
Iva Lehunšek Panić
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