12.12.2023., News release, Student support

Everyone needs support and help sometimes, especially during the challenging time of going to vet school. Sometimes it’s just too much, and it’s definitely good to talk to someone from time to time. Now there’s someone here for you!

We have a telephone number for students (and all other employees!) that you can use. We are here to help you solve personal challenges, especially if it seems to you that negative emotions are not just a passing phase, but are recurring or too intense.

You can chat completely anonymously, on weekdays, from 9 AM. to 4 PM.*

Who are you going to talk to? – Iva Lehunšek Panić, prof. of pedagogy – head of the Office for career development, academic and psychological counseling

Call +385 99 2274 384, we are here for you.

*If it’s REALLY hard, even afterhours.

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