Quality assurance

For the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb, assuring quality in its teaching, scientific research and professional work is one of its fundamental priorities.  The aim of the quality assurance system is to create mechanisms for promoting and achieving the highest level of quality in teaching, research, science, and professional and administrative activities at the Faculty.  The quality management system, on all levels, in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders, and in line with the principles of the public interest, ensures the encouragement of excellence and innovation, openness and promotion of a culture of quality, responsibility and cooperation.

The foundation and framework of quality management and quality assurance have been laid by the legislation in the field of higher education and science, whereby the European standards and guidelines in the field of higher education are respected in particular.  The introduction, development and advancement of quality assurance at the Veterinary Faculty have been aligned with and are an integral part of the measures and activities for quality management in higher education in European countries, and in particular in the Republic of Croatia, pursuant to the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education (OG, 45/09).  The quality management system at the Veterinary Faculty, with the competent bodies and all stakeholders, the establishment and planning of practice and regulations, is an integral part of the Faculty’s development and an instrument in our strategic approach to realizing the Faculty’s mission and vision.  The system is continually subject to evaluation and improvement, in order to respond to the needs of stakeholders and the social community.

The quality assurance system at the Veterinary Faculty is an integral part of the Faculty’s development and a vital part of the realization of its mission and vision.  Assurance of the quality of teaching, study programmes and other activities, is monitored through periodical internal and external supervision, especially by the AZVO and EAEVE.  Work and activities at the Faculty, especially scientific research and professional work, international cooperation, administrative work, and organizational management, are undertaken and supervised pursuant to standard ISO.9001:2015, which has been applied at the Faculty since 2014, by a decision of the administration and the Faculty Council.

The guiding principle of the quality assurance system at the Veterinary Faculty is enabling excellence in all forms of activities, from the highest quality teaching to the latest research, which together makes comprehensive support possible for students and employees, but also improves relationships with veterinarians and the wider community.  Acceptance by all employees of the culture of quality is extremely important for future development, as well as the move from a system of quality assurance to a complete and unified system of quality, which will enable the continual improvement of work, through risk analysis reducing and avoiding the possibility of error on the level of the Faculty.


Biological and chemical hazards Version 1

Quality assurance manual VEF version 1

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Regulation on Quality Assurance VEFUNIZG 2019

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