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The publishing work of the Faculty began only a few years after the foundation of the Veterinary College in 1919, and the renamed Veterinary Faculty in 1924, so the first journal in the field of veterinary sciences, Veterinarski arhiv (“Veterinary Archives”) began to be published in 1931, and the journal Veterinar in 1938.  In this almost one hundred year period, rich and dynamic publication work has development, especially over the past two decades.  Doctors of veterinary medicine, whether independently or in cooperation with experts from various other related areas, have made a significant contribution to the development of veterinary medicine in Croatia.

The Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb has a long tradition of publishing scientific and professional journals and university textbooks in the field of veterinary medicine.  Apart from serial publications, such as our scientific and professional journals, we are also proud of the publication of university textbooks which are the basis of the development of higher education and scientific research work.  They are the result of the scientific and professional work of our teaching staff, scientists and researchers, and also an important part of our library collection, which is easily accessible to students of veterinary medicine, and enables them to learn about the latest relevant insights in veterinary medicine, diagnostics and treatment of animals, from literature in Croatian.

Today, publication of textbooks, handbooks, printed lecture notes, monographs and other books is in the domain of the Committee for Library and Publishing Work, which operates according to the Regulations on the Work of Committees for Scientific and Teaching Literature of the University of Zagreb and the Regulations on University Teaching Literature and Publishing Work of the Veterinary Faculty.  The Committee receives requests for approval of manuscripts, sorts them according to type, proposes reviewers and undertakes other tasks related to the approval of manuscripts.  Further, it actively participates in proposing and renewing the library collection for the needs of students, teaching staff and scientists.

Veterinarski arhiv is an international scientific journal in the field of veterinary medicine, which covers the field of veterinary and animal sciences.  It is published in English every two months, six times a year.  The editor in chief is Prof. Dr. Sc. Velimir Sušić, and the editorial board is composed of teaching staff from the Veterinary Faculty.

The scientific and professional journal for students of veterinary medicine, Veterinar, is issued twice a year and publishes scientific, professional and popular articles by students of veterinary medicine, in cooperation with their supervisors.  The editor in chief of the journal is the student Iva Benvin, and all the work of receiving and preparation of texts is run by the Editorial Committee, composed of students of the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb, and the Editorial Board, composed of teaching staff from the Faculty.

The scientific and professional journal Hrvatski veterinarski vjesnik is published by the Faculty together with the Croatian Veterinary Chamber.  The editors are Dr. Sc.  Ivan Križek, Prof. Dr. Sc. Petar Džaja and  Associate Prof. Dr. Sc. Krešimir Severin. The journal covers events in the veterinary profession, reports from conferences related to veterinary medicine, reports on new regulations related to the veterinary profession, publishes scientific and professional articles and items of interest from the history of veterinary medicine.  It comes out four times a year as a double edition.

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