About Veterinary Library


The library is a separate professional unit of the Faculty, with the direct function of performing educational and scientific research activities, whose structure is appropriate for providing access to a variety of sources of knowledge, ensuring effective use of information resources and development of services for various user groups.  Although the library is primarily aimed at students and the scientific-teaching staff of the Faculty, the library resources may also be used by other members of the academic community, the professional community, and all other citizens from this country and abroad, for whom veterinary medicine is a field of interest.


Our vision is to provide all users with a superior level of information literacy and efficiency in the field of veterinary sciences and to position the library as an active partner in educational and research processes.

Working hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


Head Librarian:
Helena Ivančić, M. Phil. & Comp. Lit.,  M. Librar.
e-mail:  hivancic@vef.unizg.hr
tel: 385 (0)1 2390-115

Graduate Librarian:
Jovana Ivanić, M. Ed. Philol. Croat, M. Lib. I Sc.
e-mail:  jivanic@vef.unizg.hr
tel: 385 (0)1 2390-114


Renata Orešković, Graduate Engineer in Agronomy
e-mail:  roreskovic@vef.unizg.hr
tel: 385 (0)1 2390-115
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