10th Summer School of Food Safety

22.04.2024., Events, General News, News, News release

It is a pleasure to inform you about our 10th summer school of Food Safety which is organized by the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology of the Veterinary University Brno, Czech Republic from 8th July till 19th July 2024.

The course welcomes undergraduate and doctoral students of veterinary faculties and other faculties that are focused on the field of food hygiene and technology, food quality and safety. We have the qualified teachers who offer to students gaining and extending their practical and theoretical skills and knowledge in the field of milk and meat hygiene.

The course lasts 2 weeks. The first week is dedicated to the technology and hygiene of meat (slaughter, sampling, sensory analysis, excursion to a meat factory…) and the second week is focused on the hygiene and technology of milk and other products of animal origin (production of dairy products, analysis of honey, excursion to the dairy plant, system HACCP…).

It is possible to complete only one of these two weeks. The content of the course is focused on practical teaching. The course will be held in case of at least 12 participants.

The price of the entire course is 700 EUR.

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