Frequently Asked Questions

  • At the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb, students are educated for the academic vocation of doctor of veterinary medicine.
  • The course in veterinary medicine lasts 6 years, or 12 semesters, and may only be taken as a regular study course.
  • Upon enrolment in the 5th year of study, students choose one of three orientations according to their own inclinations.
    • Household Pets
    • Farm Animals
    • Hygiene and Technology of Animal Foodstuffs and Veterinary Public Health
  • The veterinary internship which was formerly undertaken after graduation is now included in the 6th year of the course.
  • Having completed the course successfully, graduates are able perform professional work in veterinary medicine independently.
  • The total length of the course may last no longer than 12 years. Students retain the status of regular student for no longer than 8 years after enrolment.
  • The “indeks” or student record book is a document that contains information on the student and his/her success over the course of his/her studies. It is purchased and given in the enrolment package upon enrolment at the Faculty, together with other documents.  The student must write in his/her details (name, surname, PIN (the Croatian individual registration number), address) and leave it with the other documentation in the student office.
  • The student record books (indeks), identity cards (x-ica) and “studomat” code numbers can be collected according to a special schedule when classes begin.
  • Subjects are written in separately for each semester.
  • At enrolment in July only the mandatory subjects are written in for the 1st semester, and in February the mandatory and the elective subjects in the 2nd semester are written in.

For more information download this brochure on Veterinary Studies in English

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