Farm Animal Welfare

Farm Animal Welfare is a one-year (2 semesters) postgraduate master study with 60 ECTS credits indicating the workload required to complete the study. The task of the study is to upgrade student knowledge and skills with the latest concepts in the field, to render them competent for independent work in the field of farm animal welfare. The study will be focused on the principles of animal welfare related to humane and ethically acceptable procedures in animal management, and legal regulations in the field of farm animal welfare including game breeding.

The students will receive education in applied ethology, e.g., normal and abnormal behaviours in farm animals, welfare issues in these species, and possibilities for their welfare improvement. In addition, the latest concepts on the welfare indicators and assessment in particular farm animal species will be presented to students. Animal welfare in slaughterhouses relative to meat quality and safety is a separate subject. Students will also receive education on animal welfare economics. Upon completing the study, students receive Master’s degree in Farm Animal Welfare. Students that have completed the studies in veterinary medicine or animal sciences can enrol this programme. Students need not enrol the entire study curriculum but only particular subjects for which they will receive a certificate with the respective ECTS credits as part of their continuing lifelong education.

Tuition fee:
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Head of the study programme: Associate Professor Mario Ostović, PhD

Farm Animal Welfare

doc. dr. sc. Mario Ostović

Mario Ostović

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