Health Protection in Breeding and Production of Small Ruminants

Given the current trends in the development of small ruminant production, there is a growing need for additional training and specialisation of doctors of veterinary medicine. A good sheep and/or goat  veterinarian has to have excellent diagnostic skills, and a solid understanding of the epidemiology of sheep diseases, and can apply that knowledge in the context of often complex farm business operations. Besides that, they have to be able to develop and introduce the whole farm approach to improve outcomes in all areas including profitability and efficiency of sheep production systems, the quality of sheep products and the welfare of the sheep in those systems.
The role of the postgraduate study “Health Protection in Breeding and Production of Small Ruminants” is to provide experts with fast and efficient specialist education based on the development and state-of-the-art science, techniques and technology. The primary target group for enrolment in this study are students who have completed  university study of veterinary medicine and who are interested to continue their education according to their desired specialisation in the field of sheep and goat production. Upon completion of the postgraduate study students will have significant and internationally recognised expertise in:

  • Technology of Breeding, Reproduction and Production of Sheep and Goats
    • Sheep and goat farm as a system
    • Management of sheep and goat reproduction
    • Basics of welfare assessment in sheep and goat breeding
  • Health Protection in Sheep and Goat production
    • The practical approach to health control in sheep flocks and goat herds
    • Herd and flock health and production management programmes for sheep and goats

Duration of the study programme: 2 semesters
Total number of ECTS credits: 60 ECTS credits
Head: Prof. Velimir Sušić, DVM, PhD
Academic / professional title acquired after study completion: Master of Health Protection in Breeding and Production of Small Ruminants


Health Protection in Breeding and Production of Small Ruminants

prof. dr. sc. Velimir Sušić

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Velimir Sušić

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