Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Small animal emergency and critical care medicine is a one-year training postgraduate programme which provides a comprehensive knowledge of emergency medicine and management of cases with complex critical conditions. The programme focus is based on triage, stabilisation and life-saving procedures in small animals. The programme is consisted of multi-disciplinary approach in which students learn how to diagnose and treat emergent as well as critically ill patients. During the training programme students are obligated to attend lectures, practicals and to work with patients, supervised by various mentors depending on each subject (i.e. cardiology, neonatology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, neurology etc.). The training programme has a strong emphasis on clinical duties, but seminars and mentor guided learning are also integral parts of the programme. Furthermore, during the programme students will learn how to assess outcomes and to appreciate the economic and emotional factors involved in the patients’ health care as well as to develop so called team-skills of interpersonal communications for proper colleague and client relationships.

Since a case load highly varies (from 1 to 20 emergency cases per day) students will be obligated to work in night-shifts as well as during weekends.After passing the final written and oral exam students will be familiar with diseases and conditions afflicting small animal emergency and critically ill patients and be able to logically correlate all clinical data in order to formulate and execute correct treatment plans.

Head: Mirna Brkljačić, Assistant professor, Clinic for internal medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Diploma: Certified emergency and critical care specialist


Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

doc. dr. sc. Mirna Brkljačić

Mirna Brkljačić

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