Veterinary Pathology

The principal reason for initiation of this study is to qualify attendants for independant work in the field of veterinary pathology. Another purpose is the conveying of new, primarily professional, but also scientific knowledge that was not sufficiently presented in the curriculum of the undergraduate study. This kind of education will grant significantly higher work quality of doctors of veterinary medicine in the fields of diagnostics of diseases of domestic and wild animals, and veterinary public health. At the same time it will enable unique approach to methodology and considerably easier upgrade of knowledge acquired through the means of courses integrated in continuous education. It should be noted that nowadays a veterinary pathologist is a diagnostician who together with other specialists takes part in diagnostics of diseases, as well as in their monitoring and assessment of treatment efficiency. The demand for veterinary pathologists is in increase throughout the world.

In the present moment at the Department of Veterinary Pathology classes are being held as a part of PhD study, as well as a part of speciality study Pathology of laboratory animals. Beside that, professors from this Department take part in classes of numerous other speciality studies and courses, keeping in mind the fact that pathology are an important part in majority of these subjects. Since the foundation of Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb, i.e. during the last ninety years, scientific and specialty postgraduate study is being held on this Department.

Currently in the European community there is a program for specialization in veterinary pathology which is conducted by European College of Veterinary Pathology, and everybody who pass the exam earn the title of ECVP Diplomate, which is as such recognized in the whole world. Attendants of our speciality study will be notified of and in major part educated in compliance with mentioned European program, while at the same time appreciating our specificities. Those that will be interested in further upgrade of their study will be able to adjoin additional European education. It is important to note that two professors from the Department already have Diplomate degree in the veterinary pathology.

By completing the study the attendant will be efficiently educated in the field of veterinary pathology for conduction of necropsies of all domestic species in a professional manner, for determining the cause of death, for making an opinion about the disease that caused the death. In the same way, the attendant will be able to come up with a list of differential diagnoses, and determine laboratory methods that will prove with certainty the mere disease, what is especially important in infectious diseases, including zoonoses.

Lectures –  205 hours
Practicals – 190 hours
Seminars – 60 hours
Head – Assist. prof. Ivan-Conrado Šoštarić-Zuckermann, Dipl. ECVP

Veterinary Pathology

prof. dr. sc. Željko Grabarević

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Željko Grabarević

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