Veterinary Surgery, Anestesiology and Ophtalmology with Veterinary Stomatology – Small Animals

Postgraduate course objectives are to promote structured professional development and life long learning of veterinarians in the field of small animal veterinary surgery. Participants will have opportunity to improve the level of theoretical knowledge, practical surgical skills and competencies needed to achieve expectation of owners and for the benefit of animal health and welfare.

Surgery-small animal postgraduate course emphasizes the importance of the individually tailored analgesic and anesthetic management providing the student with knowledge in performing anesthesia in patients with different diagnosis and for different types of surgery. The course addresses importance of preoperative planning, identification of key surgically anatomical structures, principles of tissue handling, perioperative decision-making and the limitations and contraindications related to surgeries in small animals. Ophthalmology aim to clarify basic surgical skills and introduce management options in the treatment of eye related diseases. Veterinary dentistry clarifies decision making and treatment strategies in this very complex medicinal specialization.

The postgraduate course goals are achieved through a mixture of theoretical case based and problem oriented lectures, seminars, book and journal clubs and practical exercises on cadavers and selected cases at the Clinic for surgery, orthopedics and ophthalmology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb

Quality evaluation methods that ensure the acquisition of output knowledge, skills and competences are midterm exams, seminar papers, evaluation of students’ practical skills and the final written exam.

Lectures: 46 hours
Seminars: 24 hours
Practicals: 105 hours
Leader: Drazen Maticic, DVM, MSc, PhD, Professor, F.C.A.


Veterinary Surgery, Anestesiology and Ophtalmology with Veterinary Stomatology – Small Animals

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Dražen Matičić

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