Department Of Microbiology And Infectious Diseases, With Clinic

The basic activity of the Clinic relates to practical classes with students from the Veterinary Faculty in the subject Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals. Staff at the Clinic, in their everyday work, perform mandatory vaccinations of dogs against rabies, as well as tagging them with microchips, and vaccination of household pets against infectious diseases. The Clinic also possesses a large number of vaccines, diagnostic aids and medication for diagnostics, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in domestic animals.

Department Of Microbiology And Infectious Diseases, With Clinic

prof. dr. sc. Maja Popović

Predstojnica; redovita profesorica u trajnom zvanju
Maja Popović

izv. prof. dr. sc. Tomislav Gomerčić

Izvanredni profesor
Tomislav Gomerčić

bacc. oec. Gordana Kovač

Gordana Kovač

univ. mag. med. vet. Zvonimir Budinšćak

Zvonimir Budinšćak

dr. sc. Snježana Ćurković

stručna suradnica
Snježana Ćurković

dr. sc. Mirela Pavić

Mirela Pavić

dr. sc. Ivan Alić

Ivan Alić

izv. prof. dr. sc. Snježana Kužir

izvanredna profesorica
Snježana Kužir

izv. prof. dr. sc. Martina Đuras

Predstojnica; izvanredna profesorica
Martina Đuras

prof. dr. sc. Tajana Trbojević Vukičević

redovita profesorica
Tajana Trbojević Vukičević

prof. dr. sc. Srebrenka Nejedli

redovita profesorica, trajno zvanje
Srebrenka Nejedli

prof. dr. sc. Snježana Vuković

redovita profesorica, trajno zvanje
Snježana Vuković

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