[IMPORTANT] Instruction Manual for the University of Zagreb – related to COVID-19


The University of Zagreb

Prof. Dr.Sc. Damir Boras


Class: 115-01/20-01/2

Reg. No.: 380-012/246-20-2

Zagreb, 12th March 2020


To All Components of the University of Zagreb

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Statute of the University of Zagreb, and the recommendations of the Crisis Headquarters of the University of Zagreb, at its session held on 11th March 2020, the Rector hereby adopts the following:

Instructions on Procedure

  1. Due to the worsening epidemiological situation related to COVID-19, all activities which are not directly related to teaching are to be postponed (https://www.hzjz.hr/priopcenja-mediji/koronavirus-najnoviji-podatci/)
  2. All staff of the University and components of the University who have spent time outside the RC within the past 14 days must report to the Administration and remain in self-isolation, during which they will work from home (a total of 14 days from their return). If any symptoms appear during self-isolation, they must report to the competent epidemiologist, according to the instructions issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health – HZJZ (https://www.hzjz.hr/aktualnosti/nrojevi-telefona-hzjz-na temu-koronavirusa/)
  3. The Administrations of components are obliged to inform the Administration of the University on a daily basis and send a list of students in self-isolation by e-mail: rector@unizg.hr
  4. All students who have spent time outside the RC in the past 14 days are obliged to report to the competent Vice-Dean for classes and students, and remain in self-isolation (14 days from their return). If any symptoms appear during self-isolation, they must report to the competent epidemiologist according to the instructions issued by the HZJZ https://www.hzjz.hr/aktualnosti/nrojevi-telefona-hzjz-na temu-koronavirusa/)
  5. Student absences from classes will be excused by special decisions of the Rector or Dean of the component of the University of Zagreb.
  6. Staff and students who suffer from chronic illnesses (with the relevant documentation) and pregnant women are recommended to stay at home for 14 days from the publication of these recommendations, and work from home in agreement with the Administration, and students with the competent Vice-Dean.
  7. The University of Zagreb is prepared to halt classes involving direct contact immediately and to render specific decisions in this regard, pursuant to Decisions by the National Civil Defence Office. Note: The University of Zagreb has c. 66,000 students and c. 9,500 teaching staff/employees/associates, and their protection is vital.

Recommendation: Student halls of residence are obliged to raise their hygiene measures to the highest level and increase the availability of disinfectants. The components of the University are obliged to ensure the availability of disinfectants and organize increased disinfection of premises, pursuant to the instructions of the HZJZ.

The Rector

Prof.Dr.Sc. Damir Boras (signed) Seal: Zagreb University

University of Zagreb, p.p. 407, Trg. Republike Hrvatske 14, HR_10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 (0) 1 4564 255; Fax: + 385 (0)1 4564 108; PIN: 36612267447

e-mail: rector@unizg.hr; url: www.unizg.hr

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