2nd round of Erasmus+ call for Student Mobility, professional practice (K103)


Dear Students,

The second round has been published of the Call for Applications for Student Mobility, for Erasmus+ professional practice (KA103) for the 2019/2020 academic year. The second round of the Call for Applications is aimed at students who would like to begin their professional practice in the period from 15.01.2020 -31.7.2020. The minimum length of the professional practice as part of the Erasmus+ programme is 2-12 months (calendar months).  Students may undertake their professional practice in companies, institutions, organizations and other entities with the status of legal entity, as well as at institutions of higher education that have been granted the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The receiving institution must be located in one of the programme member countries, which are: the EU member states and Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

It is not possible to practice mobility in Switzerland.

Special note related to the United Kingdom:  If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union (“Brexit”) without an agreement, mobility planned in relation to the United Kingdom will not be realized or financed.

Mobility must be realized within a programme member country different from the sending country (the university where the student is studying), and different from the country where the student is resident (where they are staying/living during their studies). The monthly financial support for professional practice within Erasmus+ and funding for the  2019/2020 academic year is divided into three categories, depending on the country the student is going to:

  1. for students who are going to Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia or Turkey, the monthly amount of support is 500 €,
  2. for students who are going to Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, or Portugal, the monthly amount of support is 550 €,
  3. for students who are going to Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden or the United Kingdom, the monthly amount of support is 600 €,

The end of the period of mobility is no later than 30.09.2020.

The Call for Applications can be found on the following link:  http://www.unizg.hr/nc/vijest/article/2-krug-natjecaja-za-mobilnost-studenata-erasmus-strucna-praksa-akademska-godina-201920/

The deadline for applications is 29.11.2019. (the call may close earlier if the funding is exhausted before that date/or it may be extended if funding is still available).

SUBMISSION OF DOCUMENTATION THE UNIVERSITY OF ZAGREB, TRG REPUBLIKE HRVATSKE 14, Zagreb, Administrative Office, room no. 0.12, ground floor.  APPLICATIONS MUST BE MARKED:  “Prijava na 2. krug natječaja Erasmus+ stručna praksa (SMP) 2019./20.” (Application for 2nd round of Call for Applications for Erasmus+ professional practice (SMP) 2019/20)


  1. Complete and send the on-line application at the latest by 29th November 2019, at 12.00 noon. Application forms may be accessed on the web site:


  1. Print out the completed on-line form, sign it, and present it for inspection, together with the other documentation needed, to the ECTS coordinator at your academy or faculty. The ECTS coordinator, by their signature and the seal of the faculty/academy, shall confirm their agreement with the student’s application to the Call and the fact that the professional practice is appropriate for their study programme.
  2. The student must send the completed documentation no later than 29th November 2019 (day of receipt – by the end of day) to the University of Zagreb at the following address: Trg Republike Hrvatske 14, 10000 Zagreb, Administrative Office, room no. 0.12, ground floor, in a sealed envelope marked for the Call for Applications:  “Prijava na natječaj Erasmus+ stručna praksa (SMP) 2019./20.”(Application for 2nd round of Call for Applications for Erasmus+ professional practice (SMP) 2019/20)
  3. Required documents:
  4. Printed out on-line application form with student’s own signature (original);
  5. Statement of Agreement by the ECTS coordinator from the home faculty or academy, for the proposed professional practice (original);
  6. Proof of enrolment in the semester (original) and transcript of all exams passed to date and grades, and ECTS points attained, certified by the student service of the home faculty or academy (in Croatian; the transcript may also be a copy).
  7. Europass curriculum vitae in Croatian (the form is available at https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/hr/documents/curriculum-vitae); foreigners may enclose their Europass curriculum vitae in English. Note: curriculum vitae submitted in any other format will not be accepted.
  8. A motivational letter in Croatian, including a description of the student’s plan of activities (up to 400 words); foreigners may enclose a motivational letter in English.
  9. Acceptance Confirmation – confirmation from the foreign institution of acceptance of the student for the Erasmus+ professional practice (on the form provided; a scanned copy or photocopy is acceptable);
  10. Proof of knowledge of the language of the country the student is going to, or the language in which the practice will be conducted (copy). The minimum requirement is level B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) (the level of language knowledge must be stated on the certificate).
  11. For students with special needs (with disabilities or other specific needs) – a certificate from the authorized institution showing the degree of disability (if it is possible to issue a certificate for the student’s condition).
  12. For students with lower economic status – additional documentation should be enclosed as evidence along with all the other documents.
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