EAEVE accreditation of the Faculty of Veterinary medicine Zagreb

15.07.2021., News

The Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb was evaluated by the expert team of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) on April 2023, and at the session of the European Committee of Veterinary Education (ECOVE) held on June 7, 2023, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was awarded the “accredited” status. This prestigious European accreditation of higher education institutions in the field of veterinary medicine encompasses the entire institution and all of its processes and activities. With this positive outcome of the evaluation, the EAEVE has granted the extension of the accreditation of our faculty for the next 7 years, of course with the obligation of the Faculty to make further improvements in its educational programs. Obtaining full accreditation through the The European System of Evaluation of Veterinary Education (ESEVT full Visitation) is the result of many years of work and effort of our employees, students and stakeholders of the Faculty and continuous dedication to achieving the most rigorous international quality standards. Fulfilling the high standards of the ESEVT is one of the objective proofs of our faculty’s excellence and affiliation to the best veterinary educational institutions in the EU.


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