The completed project to improve farm animal professional practice – VETFARM

14.03.2023., News, News release

This project has increased the number of students interested in veterinary practice with farm animals and horses, as well as increased the number of available farm animal and horse patients on which the students can apply their acquired knowledge and practical skills.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb accepted the invitation of the European Social Fund to apply for a project that improved the quality of the professional practice of veterinary medicine students studying farm animals and horses. The main purpose of the project was to improve the student learning process through hands-on work. By working with large animals and models, students have a greater opportunity to develop appropriate professional and personal skills that will enable them to gain better navigation in the working environment, greater independence and easier employment. Project activities were carried out in cooperation with the partners – Vrbovec Veterinary Station, Jastrebarsko
Veterinary Station and Karaula Veterinary Clinic.

“One of the goals of the project was to also increase the number of students who, in the 5th year of study, enroll in the courses ‘Farm Animals and Horses’ and ‘Veterinary Public Health’, which was successfully achieved by the project despite the launch of the implementation beginning during the first lockdown due to the pandemic, in March 2020,” the project manager, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Andrea Gudan Kurilj, Dipl. ECVP stressed.
“It is very important to emphasize that through the project, serious pieces of equipment for field work were purchased: a portable X-ray device, portable ultrasound devices and a mobile stand for hoof correction. And several exercise rooms at the faculty are equipped with the essential devices and equipment (e.g. model of dystocia in cows, stainless steel equipment for slaughterhouse inspection, stainless steel crush for large animals, laboratory equipment) that will raise professional practice on large animals to a new level.”

She also referred to the establishment of new support services for students and employees: “We are particularly pleased with the fact that the Office for Career Development, Academic and Psychological Counseling was established as part of the project, which in two years proved to be a central place where students, as well as teachers can not only ask for advice, but also strengthen their personal skills through a series of workshops and activities.”

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb has received funding from the European Social Fund and the Operational Program Effective Human Resources 2014-2020 for the project “Improving professional practice on farm animals and horses at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb-VETFARM”, which was approved for financing the total amount of funds of 3,726,381.59 Croatian kuna (financing percentage: 100%). The duration of the project was 36 months (March 9th, 2020 – March 9th, 2023).

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