Abolition of COVID certificates for students

17.02.2022., General News, Students' office announcements

On 15th February 2022 the Constitutional Court rendered a decision and ruling no. U-II-7149/2021 etc. which, amongst other things, revoked the possibility for individual institutions of higher education to require students to present EU digital COVID certificates or some other appropriate proof of testing, vaccination or recovery from the infectious disease COVID-19 when entering the premises of the institution of higher education.

In view of this decision, the decision by the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb of 9th November 2021 (Class:  Class: 501-05/20-01/01 Reg. No.: 251-61-01/139-21-256), rendered pursuant to the Decision on Necessary Epidemiological Measures of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the RC, whereby students needed to hold a valid COVID certificate of vaccination or recovery from the disease in order to attend classes, is hereby revoked.

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