FeMeSPRum scientific day


Dear Friends of FeMeSPRum
The Mediterranean Federation for the health and production of ruminants is organizing a scientific day, which will take the form of a webinar, on July 8, 2021, at 11:00. The theme of the day is: Anthelmintic resistance a challenge for the future. You are all invited to participate, the webinar will be free, and we ask you to disclose the event as much as possible to your colleagues from your universities or organizations where you work, so that there are many participants for the day.

With the hope of meeting us, even if at a distance, in many at the day of FeMeSPRum, I wish you good work and keep you healthy.

Il Presidente                                                  Il Segretario

Vincenzo Carcangiu                                       Joze Staric


Scientific days 8 July 2021 of the Mediterranean Federation of health and production of ruminant

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