The ERASMUS+ programme, which is financed by the European Commission, will continue in its current form until 2020.  The programme in the part intended for institutions of higher education focuses on facilitating the mobility of students, and teaching and non-teaching staff, and also registering projects and cooperation with industrial entities.

At our Faculty, of the activities within the ERASMUS+ programme, the most popular are in-coming and out-going mobility for students for the purpose of practical professional experience (known as  SMP – Student Mobility Placement), which interested students can apply for through the University of Zagreb with a proposed plan for practical experience at an institution in the EU or EEA (the European Economic Area, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein), or Macedonia and Turkey.  Mobility is financed for periods from 2 to 12 months.

Students can also take part in in-coming or out-going mobility for studying (so-called SMS – Student Mobility for Studies) at a veterinary faculty in the EU or EEA, Macedonia and Turkey, with which we have signed an inter-institutional agreement.


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