XIX Middle European Buiatrics Congress



It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all at XIX Middle European Buiatrics Congress Organized by Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics. It will be held in Hotel Dnister conference hall, located in the “cultural capital” of Ukraine – Lviv from 22 to 25 May, 2019.

Lviv – is the heart of the Western Ukraine, specific frontier between east and west, between orthodox and catholic religions. The city was under the rule of many empires and nations and it left a considerable mark in its culture, architecture and language. Everyone wanted to add something special, and this ensemble formed by centuries gave the city peculiar atmosphere and medieval romance. So many places are worth visiting in Lviv.

Lectures and posters will be presented on May 23 and 24 while on May 25 will be an opportunity to visit historical places in Lviv. We prepared an interesting social programme for accompanying persons including the visit of world famous locations.

Its aim is to promote scientific contacts and discussions between researchers from different countries on the actual scientific and practical issues of Veterinary medicine for ruminant health. The participants, including young scientists, will familiarize with current research and application problems in veterinary, stockbreeding, herding, reproduction, nutrition, diagnosing, health management and welfare of cattle and small ruminants to promote innovations which acordance to public needs.

President of Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics — Vasyl Vlizlo.

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