European Veterinary Students Seminar – EVSS

31.03.2018., Studentski znanstveni rad, Znanstveni rad

EVSS stands for European Veterinary Students Seminar. The second edition of this 4-day seminar will take place in June 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia.

European Veterinary Students Seminar  is a scientific and expert seminar intended for Veterinary Medicine students. Main aim of this Seminar is an improvement of professional competences and formation of international network between students. Students from all European countries are eligible to apply to attend the Seminar. This Seminar is designed as an upgrade of the previous one, with education of students about importance of the veterinary profession outside of its box. Seminar program is divided into three parts: „Wildlife“, „Clinical Case Reports“ and „One Health“. Lectures and workshops will also emphasize the importance of networking in veterinary profession, learning how we can all work together to insure health of both animals and humans. In addition, some of the topics that will be discussed are antimicrobial residues in food of animal origin, techniques for laparoscopic operation, access to emergency patients, sea mammals dissection, exotic animals as patients and adjustment of coprological analysis. Presentation of students research work in oral presentations and poster section will be the highlight of this seminar. They will be published in the book of abstracts with belonging ISSN number.

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